What is Revit doing?

So from time to time, you’re working in Revit and something happens. Perhaps a tag isn’t showing up or geometry isn’t responding to the parameter value change you just imputed. Welcome to the world of BIM! With all the information we need to process and keep track of, we encounter moments where we can’t figure out what is going on. WHAT IS REVIT DOING? Well as a BIM Manager, I’ve been asked that many times. I find all you need to do is step back for a moment, focus on the item and work through the simple explanation of why something not working. With any luck it is simple. These scenario’s happens more often than you may realize and for me, working on multiple projects with a wide range of Revit skill levels, I need to be on my game. Here is a current question that came up recently that I’d like to share and I plan on sharing more as they surface. Hopefully it saves you some time and heartache as you continue through you process with BIM.

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