Revit Practices everyone should use

I’ve spent the better part of 9 years working with Revit and always learning how to be more efficient in it. Recently I came across a blog post on the Unifi Blog, which cover some tips on how to improve your Revit experience. Some key areas to think about when working in Revit.

  1. File Size – This is an issue that never goes away. From small to large projects, file size should always be monitored.
  2. Family content – It’s easy to download vendor families but there is a price. Some families are packed full of information that may not be of use and that is slowing down your model.
  3. Worksets – I can go on and on about this but with proper set up, they can really improve performance
  4. purging – remove all that unwanted information.

There are some more great tips below.


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