Dynamo is Dyn-o-MITE!

Dynamo, Dynamo…DYNAMO! This open source graphical programming software, created by Autodesk has been around for a number of years. Recently it has updated to a new version, the interface has improved and basically it’s getting closer to saying goodbye to the beta phase.

I’m still fairly new to the program even though I have known about it for a while. Currently I have been trying to implement Dynamo into my workflows and other areas of architecture.

I wanted to share a post that was passed to me and for those BIM Managers/Revit users, I believe you will find this post very useful. Especially if you encountered imported lines in your projects. Check out the original post Konrad K Sobon on ArchiLab.

delete imported line patterns using dynamo

If you’re interested in Dynamo, check out the link below




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