Lets talk Dynamo, simple Dynamo

So back in 2016, yes 2016 I posted a screen shot about using Dynamo to select elements and move them to their correct worksets based on office standards. It wasn’t a complex definition by any means and if anything, I’m sure many Dynamo users have created this or something similar. What I realized at one point was it wasn’t perfect and what I mean by that is… teams don’t always follow the standards (although they beg for standards). So I never rolled it out and kept it close my chest . Well in effort to once again to get project teams to take ownership of the models they work in, I revisited the script. I realized that instead of making a script that does 100% of the work, why don’t I create one that does 90% of the work? What is the 10%? The 10% is project teams using Dynamo Player, selecting elements and/or categories, selecting the workset and hitting play. What does this do? Well it still saves a lot of time when you need to move elements onto worksets but it also gives teams the ownership of managing their models. Sure there are tools out there that can help with this task but that is not what this post is about. Check out the super simple Dynamo script video below.

Super Simple

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